Many couples are dissatisfied with their sexual life. There is no part of tickling or spanking before doing the main play. They have no variation in their most intimate moments of life. The regular missionary position makes their sexual life monotonous. Most couples make mistakes in the very first step of their sensuality that is foreplay. Without making it out entirely, it is not possible to have great sex.

Partners who are not enjoying their sex life are mostly missing the sensory play portion during sex. It is very foolish to overlook such an important thing. If the body is not correctly responding, then indeed, you will not feel better after sex. On the other hand, if you can play well before sex, stimulated intensely, nice sex is confirmed.

Ticklers and feathers are the most straightforward foreplay tools available at a cheaper rate. However, it is more affordable, but it can be a powerful toy if you know how to play with it. You don’t have expertise in using feathers and ticklers. It is mostly used in fetish play games. Ticklers are very easy to use and friendly for beginners. It doesn’t need much effort to get a tremendous sensible feeling.


A feather tickler is a sensory playing tool. It enhances your sensory feeling by gently tickling or rubbing. It is used in BDSM playing and vanilla couples. The feather ticklers are made of wooden, metal, or plastic handles with feathers at the top end.

When the feathers are rubbed on your skin and genital areas, your senses and nerve ends start responding positively to it. The soft-touch of feathers at your nerve end makes a real joyous scenario for BDSM lovers. For couples who love to try BDSM fantasies, feather tickling might be the first step for them. It’s soft and sensual, ideal for BDSM beginners.

Mind using feather ticklers to your partner’s face. It might cause sneezing if you take this near the nose.


Nothing is more comfortable than using a feather tickler. Hold the handler and run the soft feathers around your partner’s body. Now you must know the weak spots of your partner. It would be best if you targeted the sensitive areas like the neck, the back. Feather’s soft and tingly feelings will touch every sense of your partner.

Use your hands on the skin after running the feathers. It will allow you to stimulate, and your partner will enjoy the touch. Try to play the same amount of feather, teasing touch, and hand contact. Try more pressure on less sensitive parts and soft touch to the more sensitive parts. By the moaning, breathing, the reaction of your partner, you will be notified how much he/she is enjoying the foreplay. The more your partner reacts, consider it as successful foreplay.

To take your foreplay experience to a higher level, try some more specific things like blindfolds. Add a blindfold to the foreplay and see what is waiting. The foreplay will be explosively sensitive. The visionary blockage will add suspense to your partner that will be just breathtaking. Depriving your partner of seeing, the other senses will be incredibly responsive. Your partner’s suspense will experience that what is going to happen next will be very erotic and enjoyable. Blindfolds make other senses more alert. A soft touch in unpredictable body parts will shake the whole body.

Tickles and bondages are applied together for some BDSM playing. Ticklers are also used in roleplaying while wearing a mask.


Feather ticklers are usually the same to use, but there is variation in purposes. Before finalizing a common feather tickler, you have to keep in mind some of these considerations.


It is suitable for shows. There are girls on the road holding tickler in hand for entertaining people; a handy tickler is the best choice. Easy to handle with a short stem. It allows you some close contact with your submissive. It will bring pleasure to your partner very soon. The tickler has a bushy bloom at the feather section. That’s why it is handy for the cheerleader-type entertaining girls.


If you are looking for that specific touch of extreme pleasure, you have to choose the bondage feather tickler. Bondage feather ticklers have a long and slim handle. But the feather area has a small number of feathers. It ensures the touch of the accurately targeted area, which is a kind of brushwork. When a painter took a brush to paint the targeted area, it looks so artistic, right. Why not become an artist for a while. Play some artistic foreplay with your partner to increase the joy of sensual feelings. Give the masterstroke to your partner’s sensitive areas with your bondage tickler, to the exact point where the key to happiness is lying.


This feather tickler setting is for the luxury purpose of overrating beauty. The long stem topped with beautiful ostrich feathers looks very elegant. It gives your bondage toy collection a new decoration. Combining it with a glittery polished metal handle will create a gorgeous look. In the meantime, it is a very playful item too. Ostrich feathers can give you joy-like orgasms. It is very sensible to touch and attractive to users. An ostrich feather user fandom who hails it, and honestly, it is very sensuous for foreplay games.

A versatile foreplay teaser feather tickler offers you soft, sensual, and seductive sexual gratification. The right decision can take you through the adventurous exploration of the playful session. All you have to do is hold the stem of pleasure and run into the extremely pleasurable world of sensation.

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