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Congratulations on your sense of anal sex toy adventure! Butt plugs are divine for anal arousal, and when it comes to choosing your first one, we’ve got everything you need such as Jeweled stainless steel butt plugs…
Using a butt plug as part of your sexual repertoire will lead to intense anal fulfillment and amazing orgasms.
It’s a fabulous way to initially explore the boundaries of anal sex, either through solo masturbation or as part of anal stimulation with a partner.
Either way, butt plugs are a sexy addition to your sex toy arsenal and should be your first choice of toy if you’re an anal play rookie. Used with lube, such as Aquaglide Anal Lubricant or Tracey Cox Supersex Anal Lubricant, butt plugs are orgasmic dynamite for both men and women.


A butt plug is a conical-shaped anal sex toy that starts small but gently graduates in size. They usually feature a slimmer section at the bottom and a flared base for safety.

Designed specifically for anal play, a butt plug will gently stretch the anus and stimulate the sensitive nerve endings that exist both internally and externally.


The sphincters in your anus automatically contract and release when something is inserted, so if you’re new to butt plugs you may want to start off with something slimmer to relax your anal muscles.

Tracey Cox Supersex Anal Beginner KitThe Tracey Cox Supersex Anal Beginner Kit is ideal as it comes with a small butt plug, an information guide and a bottle of lubricant too. Alternatively, you might like to try the BASIC Sex Toys Slimline Butt Buddy which is long and slim, making it ideal for easy insertion.

If you want more bang for your buck, why not invest in the LoveHoney Booty Buddy Silicone Starter Butt Plug? Men will love the way this specially shaped plug pleases the prostate gland and women can experience gentle pressure on the back wall of the vagina – but from the other side – which feels phenomenal!

When you feel like you’re ready to progress, try a slightly larger butt plug or maybe a vibrating one. The Ben Dover Anal Training Kit comes with three sensational sizes for you to work through and the Cupids 7 Function Fleche Vibrating Butt Plug gives you seven functions of anal stimulating vibration.


To start with, lubricate your butt plug and your anus fully. A specialist anal lube such as Maximus Anal Lubricant will provide the slipperiness needed to aid insertion.

Position yourself comfortably in one of these three positions:

1) Bent over on all fours (aka doggy).
2) On your back with a cushion under your bottom and legs spread.
3) Squatting over the butt plug on your feet or knees.

You will soon discover which one is right for you or you may wish to experiment to see if any variation of these positions works best.

Holding both the base and shaft of the butt plug, position the tip at the opening of the anus, angled slightly towards your stomach, then gently push. You should feel the very tip of the plug enter you.

When you feel comfortable, push a little more of the plug in, moving your hand off the shaft and using just the base of the butt plug to provide any motion.

The waist of the butt plug will usually be wider than the rest of the plug so take it easy when you reach this stage. If you’re still feeling comfortable, push further and let the slim neck of the plug sit inside you with the flared base resting externally.

You can then enjoy other forms of stimulation or intercourse whilst the plug rests inside you or you might like to try grinding against it for extra sensations! Alternatively, try moving the plug in and out of you to experience a thrilling thrust.


You can leave your butt plug in for varying periods of time, ranging from 30 minutes to several hours, however, we recommend that you take it out at least every hour to reapply lubricant. This way, you won’t experience any discomfort when moving around.

Many people like to wear butt plugs all day and even enjoying wear them out and about. The combination of wide waist, slim neck and flared base allows you to keep your plug inside you even during vigorous activity, however we recommend opting for a silicone, glass, or metal plug as these have the rigidity needed to prevent any slipping.

Any jeweled butt plug will not disappoint you

Blue Heart jewelled butt plug

Any of the stainless steel jeweled butt plugs. You only have to have a look on reddit or any porn site and you will see these are the most popular because they are the best looking and most inviting. The jeweled ends come in many colours and shapes such as circle heart or even flower.

  • Tapered tip for easy insertion
  • Smooth designed for easy insertion wich also makes it easier to pull out and play with
  • Flared base to prevent too-deep penetration

The 6-Inch Sono No 15 Black Waterproof Butt Plug has a unique design that is aimed at satisfying your craving ass. It has a tapered tip which aids in the insertion. On the other hand, the flared base is designed to prevent too deep penetration. The tail is an excellent way to display the animal in you, and your lover will love every time you wearing the plug.

This plug also has a narrower neck towards the flared base which is crafted to hold the plug in position and to avoid unwanted travel. When inserting this plug, apply plenty of water-based lube so as to avoid unwanted friction.

The compatible design of the plug allows you to easily tag it along when going on a trip or vacation. The body of this plug is designed in a way that it will hit all the right spots in your anal canal giving you multiple orgasms.

After every use, clean the plug with warm soapy water.

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Length : Various depending on size
Insertable : 1 to 5 inches
Width : Various
Colour : Various
Flexibility : None
Size : 3 Sizes

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