Sometimes you know you want to spice things up by trying different kinds of condoms. You want to know which shapes, textures, sensations and flavours make up your personal favourites. Purchasing a single design at the time might work for the first few times. But you will quickly realise it is daunting and wallet denting to run to the store looking for new features every time you want to have sex.

Why not eliminate the hassle? Get bulk and assorted condoms. Purchasing one of these value packs will give you a mixed collection with different features such as sizes, textures, lubrications, sensations, and flavours in one package, and at very economical rates.

But before purchasing bulking and assorted condoms, they are a few factors you need to consider to make sure you choose right. It would be disappointing to purchase a whole packet of condoms you can’t use.



This largely depends on how you intend to use the condoms. Most bulk and assorted condoms come in regular sizes. However, some mix various sizes from small, medium, large and extra-large. If you are the only one using the condoms, measure yourself to know which sizes will fit you best. To measure your size, wrap a tape measure around the thickest part of your penis shaft when erect for girth and across the shaft, measuring from base to the tip for insertable length. Visit Freak in the sheets and choose the package with your closest sizes.

If you plan to share your condoms, consider a size mixed package as different people have different girths.


Bulk and assorted condoms come in mixed features including textures, shapes and sensations to help you have an exploration with each. Some of the features you need to pay attention to are

Shapes: different shapes are designed to enhance your pleasure by restricting or increasing the penis sensitivity. You will find straight tips, flared tips, teat-tips, reservoir tips and more. Some shapes pleasure you buy allowing penis movement while others are made a little firmer to tickle your partner gently with every thrust, making for a greater performance. The tip also holds the ejaculation thus, protect the condom from breakage.

Textures: some condoms are lined with dots, studs, ribs or a combination of two textures. These textures are strategically positioned across the condom shaft and are meant to increase sensitivity and sexual excitement for you and your partner.

Flavoured: there will be different flavours from strawberry, banana, orange, banana, orange, vanilla, chocolate, and more. If you have one recurring partner, let them help you choose what flavours they would like more. They will be the ones enjoying the treats anyway. Have a mix of both sugary and sugar-free flavours. Don’t use sugary flavoured condoms in the vagina; sugar tends to increase the risk of vaginal yeast infections.

various a colours will add some glamour to your foreplay. Nowadays, condoms are made in all colours including red, pink, yellow, green, purple, neon and more.  Some are made to represent the national colours of countries like England and America. Others have colour combinations to fit occasions such a valentine. Getting a combination of colours will help you unleash your playful side in the bedroom.

Sensational: Some condoms are crafted to give you warming, tingling or cooling sensation. Consider these increased sensations when choosing features, they are simply ‘sensational’ during sex.

Lubricants: you can choose lubricated or dry condoms. The lubricants are meant to reduce friction and breakage during sex. Some lubricants add some advantages to the condom. Some are coated with climax control lubricants which reduce penis sensitivity for a longer-lasting erection. These delay ejaculation allowing you to thrust longer without worrying that you might cum before her. Others are coated with spermicide to enhance pregnancy protection levels.

Just try them all until you and your partner know your personal favourites.


Bulk and assorted condoms will usually come in different materials. Most bulk packs will include only one material across all the pieces while assorted packs may mix several materials. The most common material is latex. Latex may be the best choice especially if you want a regular size, and total protection against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. The downside of latex is that it can cause allergic reactions for people with sensitive skin. If you have latex allergies, try condoms made from polyurethane and polyisoprene. For a real feel experience, consider lambskin. Note that lambskin is highly porous and does not protect you from STDs.


All condoms come in either regular strength or Extra- strong. Go for a combination of the two. Use Ultra-thin condoms for more real sensations during sex. Try a thicker condom when you want a longer-lasting erection and to provide more security during her ‘unsafe days’. Be sure to check the label for FDA-approved marks.


Condoms do deteriorate with time. Check the manufacture (MFG) and expiry (EXP) dates to make sure your package still has a life. Condoms used close or after expiration is more likely to break putting you in danger of unwanted pregnancy or STD. You are buying in bulk which means you need a longer lifespan for you to be comfortable to consume all the pieces.

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