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All our best-selling items our customers seem to love. From sex toys lingerie lubricants and anything else that tickles your kinky side.

Freak in the sheets will always bring you the best products so why not see what everybody else enjoys and see if it intrigues you too with our our best-selling items


Vibrators are pretty much a standard for anybody wanting to try something new and kinky. they all vary in size color textures and styles and we have both suitable for men and women

butt plugs

This seems to be everybody’s new favorite accessory to show off your kinky side. all you have to do is look on any porn site or Reddit to see everybody is wearing one


Pretty much explains itself we all know what it is about and it needs more than a few sentences to delve into this category just have a browse around and see what you would like to try out


We all love a bit of dressing up have a look at all our specials. you will find something that does it for you