Rouge Garments Hog Tie


Product Information

  • Washing: Wipe down
  • Flexibility: Rigid
  • Material: Leather
  • Brand: Rouge Garments
  • Him or Her: Both

Rouge Garments Hog Tie Ankle and wrist cuffs are attached to this restrictive X-shaped Rouge Garments rod-hog tie restraint via detachable clutch rings allowing the user to use the cuffs separately as well if they choose.  This is a very restricting piece of bondage kit so your partner will be able to do whatever they please and hopefully, that pleases you as well.

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Rod Length, 49cm

Circumference, 6.5cm

Wrist Cuff

Circumference, 17cm on the 1st hole
Circumference, 25cm on the 5th hole

Ankle Cuff

Circumference, 20cm on the 1st hole
Circumference, 30cm on the 6th hole

Washing Instructions

Wipe down



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Rouge Garments


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