Delay 100 Desensitiser Spray 20ml


Product information

  • Liquid Volume: 20ml
  • Brand: Various Drug Stores
  • Him or Her: Male

Delay 100 Desensitiser Spray 20ml Decreases sensitivity for extended lovemaking. End the problem of early ejaculation. Odorless and tasteless.


  • Alcohol,
  • isopropyl myristate,
  • methyl,
  • nicotinate,
  • aqua.
  • Delay 100 Desensitiser Spray 20ml.

Sometimes every man and occasionally women need to be a  little desensitized to help last longer during foreplay or sex. some people go for condoms but these sprays really do numb the penis or clitoris just enough to not make you finish too soon. Don’t forget to wash off before doing oral or you could be in for a shock

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